Kindle Apps vs Nook Apps

The recent announcement by B&N that there will be a Nook Color and that there will be a Nook Developer program to support it brings up some very interesting possibilities.

What do we know about Nook Apps?

We know that –

  1. Nook Apps will be based on Android with a few tweaks to work on Nook Color.
  2. Nook Apps will only work on Nook Color to begin with. So the install based will only be Nook Color owners.
  3. B&N has said it’ll expand the program to Nook 1 but has not given any dates.
  4. Android App developers should be able to port over their apps to Nook easily.
  5. Apps will start coming out early 2011.

Which brings us to an interesting question.

Kindle Apps vs Nook Apps – Who will win?

Well, Kindle Apps have some big advantages –

  1. Kindle App Store is already open with 4 paid apps and 3 free apps. 
  2. Developers have been working on Kindle Apps since start of 2010.
  3. There is a much bigger install base of Kindles.
  4. Kindle Apps work on Kindle 2, Kindle 3, and Kindle DX. That’s much better than Nook Apps which for now work only on Nook Color.
  5. Big name developers like Electronic Arts have already released apps.  

Nook Apps have some big advantages of their own –

  1. Color and Video.
  2. No speed problems so animation will be possible.
  3. A touchscreen for more interesting interaction options.
  4. Nook Color is based on Android so lots and lots of Android Apps could be ported over.
  5. B&N seems to be letting absolutely anyone join while Amazon has a limited Beta.

It’s quite likely that in its rush to catch up to Amazon B&N will make the review process very lenient and that would give it a big advantage in terms of quantity although average quality would go down.

Kindle Apps vs Nook Apps is going to be very interesting and it’s not out of the question that by mid to end 2011 the device with the better apps is selling more.

2 Responses

  1. I have the kindle fire HDX and would like to still read the ebooks that I have purchased on barns and noble what app do I need to do this?

    • It’s not possible.

      If you can sideload apps, then you can side load Nook App from Android store.

      Otherwise it’s not possible.

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