Kindle App Help!

Kindle Address Book – Start with Kindle Address Book Videos.

Kindle Calendar – Start with Kindle Calendar Video and Kindle Calendar App Help.

Kindle Notepad – Start with Kindle Notepad Video and Kindle Notepad Help.
Kindle Calculator – Start at Kindle Calculator Help, then see Kindle Calculator Video.
Kindle Converter – Start at Kindle Converter Help, then see Kindle Converter Video.
Flip It – Flip It Hints for hints. Flip It Introduction and Flip It Videos for how to play.
Tic Tac ToeTic Tac Toe introduction and Tic Tac Toe Videos for how to play.

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  1. Is there some reason why Switch11 remains for all intents and purposes ‘anonymous’ and without a real world identity? It would be useful to have an About page, a Contact link, etc. now that all the opines are supplemented with products.

    ? Are you wanted in 12 systems?

  2. Hi,
    I have aKindle Touch and I do not have any idea how to change the Notepad Font Size. Pks help with detailed instructions.

  3. got 7dragon calendar for my kindle touch and am having problems. after i enter events or a todo list, then hit save and exit to get back to the month-view of the calendar, it will only allow me to go to days BEFORE the date of the one i just entered information on. even if i try to advance to a future date using the goto button, it just sends me to todays date, regardless of what I type in. (and yes, i am sure i am not hitting “go to today” THe only way to make it go to a future date after creating events is to exit to my main kindle menu and re-open the calendar so it reloads. Also , when i looked up support, it says to read the help that came with the dragon7 download that can be found from anywhere in the calendar by touching menu– It is NOT there.

    • 1) To avoid the problem when adding Events, please do the following:

      Do not use the Tap and Hold Menu on Month View.

      Tap once on a date to get focus on it.

      Tap again to go to Day View for that Date.

      Tap on Add Event or Add ToDo button at the bottom.

      Then it won’t create the problem.

      2) When you Touch Menu – the Menu is too long to fit on one screen. You’ll have to scroll down by swiping and then you’ll see the Help link.

  4. This is the second time this week I’m contacting you. I thought I had my issue resolved when I learned from your website how to back up my info. Today,went to backup and couldn’t get the backup prompt to appear under menu no matter how long or short a time I pressed the menu botton. Please help?

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