Kindle Notepad Help – Detailed Help for Kindle Notepad App

Kindle Notepad is now available at Amazon for $1.

Update: Kindle Notepad V1.1 is now available – If you are upgrading from V1.0 to V1.1, please read the upgrade guide – Kindle Notepad V1.1 Update Guide.

Before Jumping into Kindle Notepad App Help

This post covers general help. There are a few other good resources –

Kindle Notepad Help Pages:

  1. Kindle Notepad Help Videos. Looking at these is strongly recommended (in addition to reading this post).

Downloadable documents:

Please Note: Kindle format is pretty rough. For PC reading PDF or Word are much better. Kindle format is best for Kindle as fonts can be changed and notes can be added.

  1. Notepad V1.1 Improvements –  Notepad V1.1 Changes (PDF)Notepad V1.1 Changes (Word), and Notepad V1.1 Improvements in Kindle format (mobi).
  2. All Notepad Help Files in 1 File – Notepad All-in-One Help (Mobi Kindle format)Notepad – All Help Documents (PDF)Notepad – All Help Documents (Word). This includes all 4 of the documents below.
  3. Kindle Notepad Main Help – Kindle Notepad Main Help (Kindle format)Kindle Notepad Main Help (PDF)Kindle Notepad Main Help (Word). Discusses General Use.
  4. Kindle Notepad Q&A – Kindle Notepad Q&A (Kindle format)Kindle Notepad – Q&A, FAQ (PDF)Kindle Notepad FAQ, Q&A (Word). Common questions with answers.
  5. Kindle Notepad App Backup & Restore – Kindle Notepad Backup & Restore (Kindle format)Kindle Notepad Backup & Restore (PDF)Kindle Notepad Backup & Restore (Word). A guide on how to do backup and restore of your notes in Kindle Notepad App.
  6. Transferring Notes – Kindle Notepad Transferring Notes (Kindle format)Transferring Notes from Kindle Notepad App (PDF)Transferring Notes from Kindle Notepad App (Word). How to move files from your Kindle Notepad App to your PC. For Mac please see the following paragraph.

Please Note: When on Mac and transferring files you need to keep in mind:

When you get the Kindle show up on the Mac, the .active-content-folder doesn’t show. This is because on Mac it’s considered a hidden file. So you have to use a workaround to see that folder –

People are finding that using Houdini is easiest.

After using Houdini the .active-content-data folder in the Kindle shows up and you can follow the remaining steps.

Thanks to Maurine for all the documents and for most of the content in this post. Thanks to Roger Knights for suggestions.

Kindle Notepad Help

What Kindle Notepad is

It’s a Kindle App that lets you create and edit Notes on your Kindle. It uses text files so you can also transfer over notes from your PC to your Kindle. Since it’s text, the notes you create and edit on your Kindle can be moved over to your PC or Mac and used there.

What Kindle Notepad isn’t

It’s not: a word processing software, a spell-checker, a utility to read text files from Gutenberg, an app to create very long files, an app to read very long files, a calendar, etc.

Think of it as a simple Notepad app for your Kindle.

Starting Off with Notepad

The first time you open Notepad, you will be taken to the All Notes screen and see a Welcome Note.

On Kindle 2:

the start screen on Kindle Notepad for Kindle 2

Start Page on Kindle 2 Notepad

On Kindle 3:

Kindle 3 Start Page for Kindle Notepad

Kindle Notepad First Page on Kindle 3

Notice the Number Guide at the bottom of the screen. You can use SYM or this Number Guide (Alt+Q = 1, Alt+W = 2, etc.) to enter numbers. You can hide the Number Guide by pressing ‘Hide Number Guide’ in the Menu.

If you click on the Welcome Note you will see the following shortcuts (on this page explanations have been added) –

All Notes Page Shortcuts

1) You can choose to sort notes by selecting “Sort by Date” or “Sort by Title” in the Help menu or by using the shortcut key of Alt+D.

2) You can start a new note by pressing Alt+N.

3) You can rename a note (the note that the cursor is on) by pressing Alt+F.

4) You can delete a note (the note the cursor is on) by pressing DEL key.

New Note and Edit Note Pages Shortcuts

1) Save – saves the note with the current title. If no title has been provided, you will prompted to enter a title. Note remains open for further editing/additions. Shortcut = Alt+S.

2) Save As – save the current note under a new title. New note remains open for editing/additions. Shortcut = Alt+V.

3) Save & Exit – save the current note and return to the previous Note display screen. Shortcut = Alt+X.

4) Cancel – if no changes have been made to the note, leaves the note and returns to the previous Note display screen. If changes have been made to the note, you will be prompted to save (if desired). Shortcut = Alt+C.

Please note that the two different pages have different shortcuts.

Start off by reading the Welcome Note. On the Welcome Note page try out the shortcuts for Save, Save As, Save & Exit, and Cancel. On the All Notes page try out the shortcuts for Rename, New Note, and Sort.

Read Kindle Notepad Help Pages

Press the Menu button on either the Welcome Note Page (Edit Note Page) or on the All Notes Page. Choose Help in the Menu.

Please read the small Help pages. These will give you a quick overview of what the app is capable of.

Write Your First Note

  1. Press the Menu key to get the Menu.
  2. Press ‘New Note’ in the Menu. It’s the first option/choice.
  3. The New Note Page has a ‘Name’ field at the top and a ‘Body’ field below that. The Kindle Notepad Video Page has a very good video describing this page in detail.
  4. Type a name into the Name field. There is a limit of 21 characters and certain special characters are not allowed.
  5. Type your note into the Body field. There is a size limit (it’s a lot of pages so it’s unlikely you’ll run into it). However, for note-taking you should not have any problems.
  6. Move down to the Save button and press Save.
  7. Your Note will be saved and a confirmation message will appear. Now, you can go back to the ‘All Notes’ Page by pressing Back and you will see the Note you have added show up in the list.

Please Note: Save button (Alt+S shortcut) saves your work without exiting the page. This button is added specifically so that you can save what you’re writing at regular intervals and avoid data loss.

If you want to Save & Exit, use the Alt+X shortcut.

Difference between All Notes Page and Recent Notes Page

All Notes Page shows ALL your notes.

Recent Notes page shows the notes you have recently edited. This might be just a few notes or quite a few – at most 20 notes are shown.

Sorting your Notes

You can sort your notes by date/time or you can sort them alphabetically. The shortcut key is Alt+D.

If your notes are sorted alphabetically – In the Menu the only sort option will be Sort by Date. The Sort shortcut, Alt+D, will sort your notes by date.

If your notes are sorted by date/time – In the Menu the only sort option will be Sort by Title. The Sort shortcut, Alt+D, will sort your notes alphabetically.

Any notes written today will show the time they were written. Any notes written before today will show the month and day.

Alphabetical sorting first shows notes started with special characters and numbers, and then notes starting with alphabets. The sorting is not case sensitive.

Searching through your Notes

On the All Notes page and the Recent Notes page there is a search field. When cursor is not on this field it says – search by keyword.

If you type in a keyword the Kindle Notepad app will search the note titles and bodies for a match. Search is case insensitive.

Type in a word, wait a second, and search results are instantly populated. The title will change from All Notes to All Notes: Search Results (or from Recent Notes to Recent Notes: Search) to show that a search result is being shown.

To clear search results and display all notes again – simply delete the word(s) entered. After a second a full list of notes will show up.

Search Notes Page

There is a separate ‘Search Notes’ page that provides the following –

  1. Search by Title field. Here you can search notes by their names.
  2. Search by Text field. Here you can search only the bodies of your notes.
  3. Combination searches. Here you can search a combination – Example: All notes that have ‘Homework’ in the title, and ‘Monday’ in the body.

The Search results on the search notes page also show a snippet from the body of the note.

Please consult the PDF/Word attachment on Kindle Notepad Main Help for more details on Search.

Changing Font Size and Font Type

There are 6 Font Sizes available – very tiny to decently large. There are no super-sized fonts.

When you change the font size, everything changes – buttons, titles, Help pages, dialogs, everything. That means you get everything in the font size you like.

The app has to redraw every single element when font size is changed. This means that it can sometimes take 5 or more seconds to change the font size. It is recommended to find a font size you like and stick with it – if possible.

You also get a choice of two font sizes – Serif and Sans Serif.

You can access Font Options by pressing the Aa key.

More Coming Soon

More help and more help pages will be added soon. Please leave a comment if you want help on a specific topic.

62 Responses

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  2. Thanks for this great new Kindle ap!!

    ill you be adding a “Transfering Files” detailed help fie for the Mac?

    Thanks again! James

    • James, that’s a good idea. I don’t have a Mac.

      My understanding is that the one difference is that when you get the Kindle show up on the Mac, the .active-content-folder doesn’t show. This is because on Mac it’s considered a hidden file. So you have to use a workaround to see that folder –

      From there everything else is the same. If this doesn’t work for you please let me know and I’ll try to get hold of someone with a Mac to write up something.

      • Kaiz,

        I tried Houdini and it found all my hidden files in the Finder including the e0026 folder on my older model Kindle DX’s .active-content-folder. I put a .txt file into the e0026 folder, but it didn’t appear on the Notepad Home page.

        So I went back and looked at your “Notepad transferring-notes” file again. When I put the .txt file into the “user” folder within the “work” folder in e0026 as you had written, everything worked fine! Even after quitting Houdini, the listing of the “hidden” files found persists. I am using Mac OS 10.6.6 on a MacBook.

        Thanks much!!


      • Great to know it’s working now.

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  4. Could not play video. When I clicked on it the video area went black and stayed that way.

    • Which video are you talking about. Try to click the little HD icon on the top right if the video does not start. If you let me know which video it was, and on what page, I can check.

  5. I really love the app – it’s so user friendly. I have made several notes & find this app to a great find. Thanks for making it.

    • You are welcome Kessa. We are very happy to see Kindle owners love it. We are figuring out what fixes and improvements to add in V1.1 and will have an update + when we get the update approved by Amazon will have it available for everyone who bought Notepad (a free update, by the way). We also have other apps in the pipeline. Hopefully a few of those are also something you like.

  6. […] are some excellent videos on its many features here, and some detailed, helpful support pages here, so I won’t burden this post with a lot more detail, but a few things are worth […]

  7. How do I add a note.

  8. Please PLEASE let the powers to be know that there are many of us not in the US, who would be happy to buy this app. THERE’S MONEY OUT HERE WAITING FOR YOU! Tell them that from me, ok?

  9. The notepad ballon takes up half my screen. I want to turn off the program or deleted. How can I.

    • Roger, I don’t understand your question.

      Do you have a Kindle DX? On Kindle DX to make things faster we use half the screen instead of the full screen.

      If you want to exit Notepad you can just press Home.

      What notepad balloon are you referring to?

  10. Please explain how to delete a single line from a note.Currently I have to move the curser to end of the line and delete each letter of that particular line. Surely there is an easier and less time consuming method. Also, how does one underline or highlite listed information? Thank you for your time and attention to these matters.

    • DJ, there is no way to delete a single line from a note.

      There’s an update submitted that has a slightly better way to do delete but no idea when it will be approved and available.

      There is no underline or highlight function. It’s not there in the update either. It’s on our list of ideas to consider for a future update – No idea if/when it’ll make it in.

  11. im new to note. so bare with me. when making a list how do you move the cursor to the next line?

    • Diane, you press the enter key. It’s the key which has the arrow that goes down and to the left. In between SYM and the 5-Way.

  12. Great app!

    One thing I noted – the timestamps appear to be off by 4 hrs when viewed from a connected PC. If I save a note on the Kindle, the PC see that file’s timestamp as 4 hours in the future. Conversely if I save a note from the PC, the Kindle see it’s date as 4 hours in the past. Minor point on a great app.

    • Alan, notes are saved in GMT. Since the Notepad app (or to be precise Java) converts that the time shows up correctly. However, when you move it to PC there is no conversion done. We can’t really do anything about time since system time is used when notes are saved and that happens to be in GMT.

  13. I have noticed that the search function displays only the first match within a note. If I search for “John” across all notes and “John” appears several times within a given note, only the first match with “John” is displayed. This does not seem satisfactory for my needs for a simple search engine. I may have a list of donors and the state they live in. I may wish to search on “Texas” and get a set of all snippets resulting from a match with “Texas”. I know this easy to say and hard to do. I was disappointed however. If I had a note with just the word “John” in it three times separated by spaces – this seems like an unlikely worst case – I would expect three snippets in the result set. Each snippet would just display say the match word and the next ten characters following the match. The first result would be “John John John” the second “John John” and the third “John”. So it does seem possible. It appears that the application is trying to prevent a result-set blow-up as in searching on the letter “a”. It appears the app is looking for key headwords in the note that appear only once.

    Nice app otherwise. Had no trouble moving .txt file on computer to Kindle. The search seems fast within a note with 2600 characters. I will be creating 8 such notes about that size and then searching across them.

    • John, the search does indeed display only the first result.

      The aim was to find all notes that have the search word or phrase. The case you mention – Wanting to see multiple results if a term appears multiple times in a note. We didn’t really think about that at all. We’ll add it to the list of things to think about and if it seems worth doing and/or more users ask for this then we’ll add it.

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  15. I have just purchased this app for my Kindle 2 but since I am not in a good area for whispernet connectivity I had to download it to my PC. How do i install it on my kIndle?

    • Yecam, copy it into the documents folder of your Kindle. Just the way you would a book. Then it should show up on your Kindle home page as ‘Notepad’ with a little active next to it. And author as 7 Dragons.

  16. I click on the link to buy it but Amazon says “Not currently available”. I have already registered my Kindle 3 with Amazon. Is there a problem with the file or I cannot buy it from Romania?

  17. Is there a way to cut and paste in notepad? If not, that would be most helpful in later updates. Thanks!

    • Thanks. This is added to the list of future features to consider. We’ve had a lot of people ask for it so it’s probability of arriving in a future release increases constantly.

  18. new to this and an old guy w/no traning. When pressing the alt keys, nothing happens. I am in new note page or whereever and cannot get reaction from alt keys. thanks

    • You have to press Alt+C etc.

      Normally pressing Alt and then pressing S would save a note. If that doesn’t work trying pressing Alt+S at the same time.

      One known issue is that Shift is not persistent – so to get capitals you must press Shift (up arrow) and alphabet at the same time.

      Q: What are you trying to do with Alt key? Alt is only used for shortcuts.

      Did you perhaps mean SYM key?

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  20. How do I access the key board characters not shown such as – _ * /@ etc. George

    • By using the SYM key.

      Note Name – a limited number of special characters are available.

      Note Details Field – All SYM characters are available.


      Press the SYM key once to get SYM dialog. Once you are done using it, press SYM again to hide it.

      Kindle 2 – SYM is next to AA key at the bottom left.
      Kindle DX – Same Location.
      Kindle 3 – SYM is above Home key and below L key. To its left is the . key and to the right is the Enter key.

  21. How about the time and date. It’s just after 5pm here and the note was saved with 9:26am

    • Emailed you. It uses Kindle time. Please check your Kindle Time. On newer Kindles you can change it manually on Page 2 of Settings.

  22. i really do like the notepad for my kindle

  23. I love this app and use it often. But the words wrap around to the next line. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way that if a whole word does not fit on the end of a line the whole word moves to the next?

  24. I have tried copying a text file which I created on my computer to the user folder for notepad on the kindle. The new file will appear, but only the first 125 characters will show up in the note, even if the text file is 500 characters long.

    • That usually means there is a character at the 126th spot that is unsupported (Kindle doesn’t support unicode). Just replace the character that is causing file to get cut with normal ASCII character and things will be fine.

      By the way, if you don’t provide an email address there’s no way for me to respond directly to your comment and provide examples etc.

  25. Hi your app looks great, but I can’t purchase it from the Kindle store

    : (

    Is there another website where I can purchase this app?

    Toronto, Canada

  26. Hi, you’ve done a great job but I still don’t know how to end one line and go to another without writing till the end?

    • Amelia, you can press Enter to start a new line. Enter is the down and left pointing arrow next to the 5-way on the Kindle 3 keyboard.

  27. I’m finding Notepad to be extremely helpful but am wondering how to set the clock correctly, so that it gives the correct time that a note was started.

    • NAncy, sent you an email. You have to go to main Kindle Home Page and press Menu and choose ‘Sync & Check for Items’. This updates the time on the Kindle. Which is what Notepad uses.

  28. I would love it if 7 Dragons made a Journal/Diary Kindle App following the same format of the notepad. Heck, I would settle for a second instance of the Notepad program with the title “Journal” in the Home Page. Do you think that’s possible?

    • Joel, we’ll think about making a Journal app. Right now we’re busy porting over our apps to the two new Kindles.

      • Don’t know how you type with the new kindles. I know I bought the Kindle over the nook precisely because it had a keypad. Seems like they lost some functionality taking the keyboard out. Glad I bought my kindle when I did. So there’s not two lines of code you could change to have the notepad be titled “Journal” in the homepage and just make a different folder for saving the notes? I guess I am being a sticklet bc I could just use the notepad for a journal, just title the notes with the date. Oh well, I wish I was a computer scientist I’d do it myself. But thank you for your input.

      • I doubt Amazon would approve a Journal app that was identical to Notepad.

      • Delighted to hear you’re porting your apps. I miss Notepad on the new basic Kindle. Kindle’s pop-up keyboard isn’t very friendly, but I would like to be able to compose short notes. I wish the pop-up keyboard had an easy way to capitalize the first letter of a word. Switching between tabs just to enter a capital letter and then switch back to the lowecase tab is a real pain.

        I would love a menu option to insert current date and/or time into the title or body of a note. Sounds like that would help with the Journal app request too. No need for a new app.

        Thanks for creating Notepad! It’s a very nice appl

  29. The All Notes screen can list notes sorted by date displayed as month/day, but without the year. How will notes written in different years be sorted?

    For example, if you have notes written on 3/10 and 3/12 in 2011, and a note written on 3/11 in 2012, in which of the following ways will they be sorted?




    • RL, All 2011 notes will appear together. Latest appears first – so 2012 notes will appear before 2011 notes.

      • Great! That’s how I want it to sort.

        Thanks for your prompt response. Notepad is a very useful app and I have already told others about it. Your customer support makes it that much better.

        Good luck and many years of success to 7 Dragons!

  30. hey, I just bought notepad for my kindle touch but I cannot figure out how to change font n font sizes. please advise.

    thank you.

    leslie kok

  31. Please press your finger down on a note and hold for two seconds. That will bring up a menu with some options like Delete and View. Got this from my inquiry and thought i would add it here for others.

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