Kindle Notepad Video

Kindle Notepad is now available at Amazon for $1.

This page has several Kindle Notepad Videos that walk you through the app’s features.

Update: These videos are shot by us personally and are not professional quality videos. If it doesn’t meet your standards, or you can’t understand my accent, please refer to the written help instead – Kindle Notepad Help.

If this page doesn’t load fully for you (if you see just 1 video), then try these links at Vimeo (the same videos) –

  1. Notepad Introduction –
  2. New Note page –
  3. All Notes Page –
  4. How to transfer –

Kindle Notepad Introduction Video

This video walks you through the entire app.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Detailed Walkthroughs of Main Pages

A detailed walkthrough of the ‘All Notes’ Page.

A detailed walkthrough of the ‘New Note’ Page.

Transferring and Backing Up Notes

How to back up your notes.

How to moves notes to your PC – The video will only work if you click the little HD icon/button on the top right of the video screen.

Additional Kindle Notepad Video

A quick introduction to the 6 font sizes and the two font types.

Let me know if you would like videos or help pages on any other Kindle Notepad topic.

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  2. […] Kindle Notepad Help Videos. Looking at these is strongly recommended (in addition to reading this post). […]

    • While typing a note, I can’t hit enter to get to next line.

      • Cathy, I sent you an email.

        Here are some things to try. If none of these help please reply to this comment or to the email and let me know more. In particular, what page are you on and what field are you on?

        Firstly, on the ‘All Notes’ page did you press the ‘New Note’ button or ‘New Note’ in the Menu to start a new note?

        Secondly, there are two fields on the Note page

        There is the Name field – where you type in the name. Enter does not work there. All you can enter there is the title/name for your note.
        To move down to the note body you have to press ‘down’ on your 5 way.


        Thirdly, If you are in the body section on the New Note page or the Edit Note page -> Then Enter should work just fine to create a note.


      • And just in case of a misunderstanding in terms, Enter is not the center of the 5-way button, it is the arrow button at bottom left of the 5-way.

        You probably know this already, Cathy. I’m not meaning to insult you by stating the obvious; it’s just that sometimes people apply terms and labels differently.

      • I was hitting the center of the 5-way button instead of the little arrow thingy to the left! I feel like such a dummy! Thanks, you guys!

      • Happens to the best of us. It took me forever to figure out the Up Arrow key was Shift.

  3. Wow – this is exactly what I need to take notes when all I have is my Kindle and phone.


    Would you happen to have a ToDo List?
    Also, can you add alarms to the notes?

    • Jose, the app API doesn’t have sound and it doesn’t allow interruptions – so alarms aren’t really possible.

      A To Do List app is something we’re considering – however, it’s not high on the priority list. How much demand do you think there would be for it?

      • OK,
        – Re: Sounds – that’s understandable – but it would be nice to have it “turn-on” and or “pop-up” so that I see what is “due” – hence an “Alarm” – without sound
        – ToDo: This is “highly” useful since the Kindle has no “Calendar” application,…. In reality, a calendar application that was able to pull my calendar entries from Google – is ideal – since I store all my appointments there.

        While I am at it – what about an application that pulled my “Contacts” from Google? Basically, I could then just use my Kindle to update my Contacts, Calendar and Todo’s on Google,…

        (or is this just wishful thinking?)

        Either way – thanks for this great app!

        P.S. What about an ability to “upload my notes to Google – or eversync,or sugarsync,or evernote,or,…?

      • Thanks – replying to your 2nd comment.

        That’s all good feedback.

        We’ll investigate ToDo List. pop-up type alarms should be doable.

        Pulling information from Google is interesting – The challenge is that then the aspect of wireless charges comes in. Will have to think about it and try to figure out if there’s a way to minimize wireless charges.

        These are all good ideas – thanks a lot for your comments.

        If you like the app please do leave your thoughts (pros and cons) at Amazon. Reviews are very helpful for Kindle owners and they also help us as people feel the reviews give them better data to make a decision.

      • Oh, also, ‘upload to Google or Evernote’ is something that again is a challenge because of data charges.

        So we’ll have three options to investigate

        1) build a PC tool that does it.

        2) Wait until Amazon exposes API that says – not it’s WiFi and there are no data charges. Then do uploads.

        3) Create a subscription app that factors in data cost.

        At $1 there’s not really any room to support data charges for uploads.

      • I would love a to do list.

      • Kim, duly noted.

      • For us ladies, a To Do list is a must. My whole family is ADD and I write lists all the time.
        I haven’t done a lot of note taking on my kindle, mostly reading so I thank you for all the little tips on the keyboard. Not using it for a while I had forgotten some of the keys that are not on the ordinary keyboard. I just added an address book app and have to learn that next. Thanks for the time saving help.

  4. Thanks – for the wireless charges – just leave it at “wifi only” and for those that want to do “3G” – you “can” email the – a “cheat”-ing way to get updates (push / pull),….

    Thanks Again – and I’ll update the Amazon site shortly.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    • Jose, the API currently doesn’t indicate whether it’s 3G or WiFi. If that capability gets added we will probably add emailing support.

  5. Thanks.

    As for the charges:
    1) you can have a “wifi only” mode
    2) you can use the “” email to push/pull updates,….

    Thanks again for this great product!

  6. Awesome everyone! I use a Notepad feature on my iPad all the time, and now I have one for my Kindle! And to have videos to show us how it works? You guys spoil us! Thanks so much and love the price too!

  7. I imagine a to-do list and daily/weekly calendar would be very popular, particularly if it had these features:

    1. The data stayed on screen all the time, i.e. no dropping into sleep and an author sketch. That takes advantage of the Kindle’s no-drain while not changing feature. It’s not something you can do with an iPad.

    2. Near-instant on to check off to-dos and add calendar entries.

    3. And as others have noted, some way to synch with external calendars like Google’s would be useful. In the case of Macs, USB synching would iCal should be possible. WiFi would be even better, assuming Amazon doesn’t open up cellular. And if they did, the data flow would be so small, that a small monthly fee should cover it.

    Also popular would be a family shopping list/note passing/messaging app that’d reach all the Kindles on a family’s account.

  8. Congrats on what looks to be a great app. I’m just jealous that, as a Brit, I can’t buy it yet.

  9. This is the first Kindle app I felt was worth buying… so I bought it! Looking forward to your future releases. :)

    • Thanks Daffy4U. I’ve noticed your posts on MobileRead and on my iRR Blog so it means a lot to me that you felt this was the first Kindle App worth buying. We definitely have some apps lined up that are worth buying.

  10. Just a note that the video under

    “How to moves notes to your PC”

    is not working. When I click on the box in the picture, it goes to the video play screen, but stays blank. All the other videos are working for me, thanks.

    • Thanks – I’ll check it and see if it can be fixed.

    • It seems that it only works if you click the little HD icon on the top right.

      So first click the big play button. Then it doesn’t play. But if you click the HD icon on the top right, it plays in HD. Not sure why that would be the case. Trying to fix it, but for now this is the workaround.

  11. Thanks kaizenboy. That made it work for me.

  12. […] are some excellent videos on its many features here, and some detailed, helpful support pages here, so I won’t burden this post with a lot more […]

  13. This is the first Kindle app I’ve purchased- very user friendly, love your video tutorials! Thanks!

  14. Not yet available in Canada… *bawls* Whyyyyyyy???

    In all seriousness though, I really, really want to be able to buy this app so I hope you make it available for sale in Canada soon! Whenever you do, could you please let me know or Books On The Knob know (since I subscribe to their newsletter and that’s where I found out about your app?)

    I’d also be interested in your To Do List though I’d probably use it more for To Be Read since Kindle doesn’t currently let me do much organisation beyond collections.

    • When apps go international ours will too. So whenever you hear that Kindle Apps are available outside the US Notepad should be too.

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  16. I created a note to put my favorite Bible verses. Not very long I thought, but Notepad truncated it to 3099 characters. I love the app, but I was disappointed that it could not support a note any bigger. Any chance this limitation will change (hopefully allowing more characters) down the road?

    • Krista, its very unlikely.

      My recommendation would be to split it into 3 parts as BibleVerses1, BibleVerses2, and BibleVerses3.

      If we remove the limitation we start running into problems with file loading and we have no way to check whether the notes load fine. I am going to investigate this on my end but it is very unlikely we will be able to support more than 3099 characters.

  17. Here’s a small suggestion. Don’t just give the user the option to retain or delete the “number legend.” Give him a third option: to replace it with a “shortcut legend.” (Shortcuts are shown on page 3 of the App’s Help section.)

    When the “All Notes” (or Recent Notes) page is up, the first set of shortcuts shown on the Help page would be shown in the legend, namely Alt + N/F/D & Del.

    When a “Note” page is up, there’s no need for such a legend, because it’s implicit in the underlined letters in the buttons at the bottom of the screen. In that case, either the number legend would appear or it would be omitted, depending on whether the user chose to hide it or not.

    Hmm … Maybe the All Notes page should have buttons at the bottom for its options, like the Note page? Such stylistic parallelism is user-friendly. (These could be removable, like the number legend, if the user wants more data on-screen.)

    Incidentally, the first heading line on the Help page I referenced should read, “Shortcuts on the All Notes and Recent Notes Pages”. And both it and the second heading line should be followed by a colon and a blank line.

    • PS: And the four items under each heading should be indented.

    • PPS: Adding that second set of buttons would make the app easier to learn by newbies and build their confidence in getting started–the buttons would be like “training wheels.” Newbies wouldn’t have to worry themselves about learning the shortcuts or even the menu (much).

      • thanks for the suggestions. We have added them to our Items to Consider list.

  18. Other suggestions:

    1. The shift key should “persist” after being pressed, the way it does outside the app. I.e., one should be able to press it, then press a letter key, and have a capital letter appear.

    2. In the Menu, move “Hide number legend” down to the bottom or next to the bottom. It is something that would be used once by most people. Surely it’s less frequently clicked than Help or Exit.

    3. Perhaps eventually enhance search so it can do searches within results, use wildcards, etc.

  19. Purchased. It’s the least I can do for all the geat content you all offer here. :)

  20. I have the latest kindle (kindle 3 with wi-fi only). I love this product and the price. Here are my questions/comments:

    1. I agree with Roger Knights, the shift key should “persist”. I still have not been able to capitalize anything. How do I get this to work?

    2. In the All Notes view I cannot get the Aa key to give me font options. Nothing happens when I press that key. Any suggestions/updates?

    3. A suggestion, include a sort option to alphabetize within a note. I purchased this to make a list of books I have read before owning a kindle, so that I won’t accidently buy ebooks that I already read. I really wish I could sort my book list.


    • Jill,

      1) For capitals it works the way most keyboards do – You press and hold Shift and then press the key you want to capitalize. So Shift+A = Capital A.
      we have added the making Shift persist request to potential additions list for V1.1 and V1.2. At this point no idea if it will make it in, or when the version with it in it would launch.

      2) In All Notes view pressing Aa should work. You can use the Aa key on any page and it has an impact across all pages. So try it on Help or just restart the app and your Kindle and try again. We have not run into this problem ever. Just to confirm – Are you pressing Aa key which is between space bar and Home by itself, and when no other dialog is available.

      Tried it on my Kindle 3 and it works fine.

      3) Sort within a note would go into ToDo List territory. Let me think if there is a way to do that. This is unlikely to be added unless other people ask for it AND its doable with a reasonable amount of effort.

      • Thanks Kaizenboy,

        I got captial letters down, and the Aa key to work. My error on the Aa key. Sorry :(

        I hope the sort (ToDo list) within notes gets developed. That would be great.

        Again, I do love the product!

  21. Here’s something I just posted on Kindleboards, in response to a post there:

    Notepad can edit its notes on a character-by-character basis. It can’t define a block of text the way the Kindle does when “highlighting,” with a Select / navigate / Select combination, so it can’t do block deletions. It should add that feature.

    Next, it should add a clipboard and the ability to copy or move blocks of Selected text to it, and to paste from it.

    Then there’d be no need to hook up to the computer and use Microsoft’s Notepad. (I’m hoping these features are planned for version 2. They’d add a lot of functionality.)

  22. Some users who have made notes within their books (I call these “book-notes”—with a hyphen) would like to “glean” them from their book and paste them into a Notepad Note where they could see them all together; or so they could develop them into a book review—say, for posting on Amazon’s site, or for reading at a book club.

    It’s natural for readers to make their initial notes inside the book itself, while reading it. And it’s natural for them to write a review separately, while outside the book. Therefore, providing the ability to “glean” notes from the book and paste them into a Notepad Note would satisfy a natural need.

    (If it is estimated that only a minority of users would want this feature, it could be offered as a separately priced “extra,” in a premium version. I’d sure pay a buck for it. And so would 100,000 others, per my SWAG.)

    Here’s how it might work. When the “Glean Book-Notes” option is chosen from the Menu:

    1. If the user selected this feature while already inside a Note, Notepad would skip to step 2. If the user selected it while in the All Notes or Recent Notes screen, Notepad would prompt: “Navigate to your target Note and Open it.”

    2. Notepad would prompt the user for the first word(s) of the book’s title and then confirm that it had found the desired item. (Or it would show all the users book-titles on-screen in alphabetical order and let the user scroll through them and select the one he wants.)

    3. Notepad would prompt: “Paste Book-Notes ALL-AT-ONCE or ONE-BY-ONE?”

    4. A) If ALL-AT-ONCE were chosen, Notepad would paste all the notes into the target.

    B) If ONE-BY-ONE were chosen, Notepad would display the first “n” lines of each Note in turn and prompt: “Paste this Note (Y/N)?”

    In both cases above, the Note-separation text-markers used in the source would be pasted as well.

    If Note-size overflow would occur while pasting, Notepad would generate a new Note with a numeric suffix such as “-1” appended to the original Note’s name. (If the generated name would exceed 20 characters, trailing bytes would be trimmed from the original Name.)

    An additional wrinkle, which could be added later, would allow a user who had chosen the ONE-BY-ONE option to navigate to a different target Note before choosing to paste a book-note. (Users would sometimes want to split up their book-notes by topic.)

  23. Folders? (In a premium version? I’d pay a buck for it.)

  24. PS: Glean “Highlights”? (There goes another buck!)

  25. More on “gleaning”: After the last Kindle-note (or Highlight) had been pasted, Notepad should paste a new line at the end of the target file containing its date and time. (I.e., the date and time it was entered as a Kindle-note. All Kindle notes have this meta-data associated with them.) This new line would have an unusual prefix and/or suffix, such as #$%@&.

    (This could be implemented in a simple way by having Notepad paste this metadata line on top of itself at the end (or beginning) of the Notepad Note after EVERY Kindle-note it pastes, so it would never need to know when it has just pasted the last one.)

    Whenever “Glean” is invoked, it would search its target file for a line with this prefix. If found, it would prompt: “Glean ALL or NEW-SINCE-[date-time-metadata] Kindle-Notes?”

    Thus the user could continue to add Kindle notes to his Kindle book and continue to glean them periodically with Notepad, importing only the Kindle notes (or Highlights) that were new since his previous gleaning.

  26. “Gleaning” Clipped Articles from “My Clippings”

    I subscribe to a dozen Kindle blogs. I.e., they are pushed to me wirelessly on my Kindle. I’d subscribe to more, except I couldn’t handle them: it would be like drinking from a firehose. But it’s not the volume that’s the problem, it’s that I can’t conveniently reread them—once I’ve read an interesting article, I rarely remember which blog it was in, or what its title was. And even when I do, it’s a bit of a bother pulling it out of the blog’s archive.

    It would be more convenient if I could retrieve and read (and reread) the articles I “clip” (from the Kindle’s menu) at my leisure, and within Notepad (instead of—weeks later—dragging them to my computer over the USB cable, extracting them from My Clippings, copying and pasting them one at a time, organizing them, etc.). This would also give me the ability to retain the interesting bits of articles (by deleting the rest of the article, once stored within a Note).

    So I suggest that Notepad add a feature that would “glean” clipped articles from My Clippings and stow them as Notepad Notes. Here are some details I suggest:

    Notepad would present the first 10 (say) lines from clipped articles to the user one article at a time, starting with the earliest article in My Clippings. It would prompt, “Save this Article as a Note (Y/N)?” If the user clicked Y, Notepad would create a Note and fashion a Note-Name out of key phrases in the article’s title. (It would give the user the option to create his own name, if he preferred.)

    If the article overflowed a Note’s size limit, Notepad would create a successor Note with a numeric suffix appended to the first Note’s name, in the manner I’ve described previously.

    Notepad would store the time and date metadata of the last article processed in this fashion in an internal field. The next time the “glean articles” feature was invoked, it would ignore articles clipped at an earlier date, unless instructed otherwise.

    This feature, like the other two glean-features, would promote Amazon’s goal of freeing the user from needing to interact with his computer. He would be able to confine his reading to the Kindle. And it would encourage people to subscribe to more Kindle blogs.
    BTW, the earlier two “glean” features would make it easier for the user to shift his light-duty, Kindle-related writing from the computer to the Kindle, especially to the DX with its relatively large keyboard. If and when Amazon offers a mid-size (landscape mode) Kindle with a DX-size keyboard (as I fondly hope it will), its users will be eager for features that make it easier for them to import their Kindle’s Notes & Quotes to incorporate in their reviews, etc.

  27. Any chance of making it available in the UK from the website?

    All we have there are a couple of rubbish ‘notepad’ ebooks.


    • Ray, apps aren’t yet available internationally. When Amazon expands apps internationally it will definitely be available. From our end we are just waiting for apps to go international.

  28. Please disregard previous post. I figured it out. Thanks

    • Sure, thanks for letting me know.

      For anyone else running into this problem – You can press Enter to go to the next line.

  29. […] are some excellent videos on its many features here, and some detailed, helpful support pages here, so I won’t burden this post with a lot more […]

  30. Jill requested a feature for sorting within a note.

    Kaizenboy replied: “3) Sort within a note would go into ToDo List territory. Let me think if there is a way to do that. This is unlikely to be added unless other people ask for it AND its doable with a reasonable amount of effort.”

    Some of my notes are lists of things. I would LOVE it if I could sort the contents of a note! So, I’m one of those “other people” asking for it. :-)

  31. I very much like the app. It’s fairly simple and easy to use, which is nice. Word wrap would be nice, and an easier way to find and copy your documents over to your PC would be nice, as well. I wouldn’t mind other features/formatting options, as long as they don’t slow the app down any. If they do, best not to bother. It being responsive enough to be usable is more important than a lot of extra features.

    • Word Wrap is on our radar for V1.2 of Notepad. No ETA and we don’t know when we’ll be able to fix it and when we’ll be able to ship it out. However, it’s on the roadmap.

      Easy way to find and copy your documents = Use a shortcut and read the post on Transferring Notes from Notepad to PC.

      Formatting options – probably not going to be added.

      Speed – We are actually exploring performance improvements so you can be sure that performance will not go down.

  32. I use a MAC. How do I open Houdini?

  33. […] does not slow you down at all, and integrates seamlessly with reading on the Kindle. There are some excellent videos on its many features here, and some detailed, helpful support pages here, so I won’t burden this post with a lot more […]

  34. How do you adjust the date and time for the notes? Thanks.

    • There’s no way to adjust date and time. If you edit an existing note the time and date gets changed to current date and time. However, you can’t change it in any other way.

      • My first note was today (April 20th) in the morning. But the time showed up as April 16th at 5:36 PM. It did seem a tad odd…

      • Notepad takes Kindle time. So if you’re seeing the wrong time it means the Kindle doesn’t have the right time.

        Just press Menu at any time and you’ll see the time in the top bar.
        Type in date on the Kindle Home Page and press Enter and you’ll see date and time.

        That’ll show you what Kindle thinks the time is.

        To correct it on Kindle 2 – you need to connect to WhisperNet.
        To correct it on Kindle 3 – you can go to settings and choose to set the time manually.

  35. Thank you SO MUCH! Can’t believe it was so simple to fix (I’m a new Kindle user).

    • You’re welcome. There are lots of hidden things in the Kindle so it’s easy to miss a few of them.

  36. Hey!
    Notepad is a bitch to figure out but it is worth the effort.
    Samuel W

  37. I make my own To Do lists and would love to have a check mark added to Symbols so I can check off completed items (similar to the check marks you have in the Post Comment below). I use an asterisk to indicate items I wish to complete the next day. I wonder why so many people wanted a special ToDo list pre-written when it is so easy to create one on this note pad.

    • Sally, we’ll add it to the list of items for a future version. We already have Notepad V1.1 submitted so this first update won’t have it. Thanks for your comment – it’s a good idea to add checkbox as a symbol.

  38. Hello
    I’ve can transfer txt. files from Kindle to my Mac, but can’t transfer files from Mac to Kindle.

    I copy my txt. file from my Desktop but when I view the User folder in Houdini, my right click doesn’t come up. I have to switch to Finder, but then I cannot see the User folder as I’ve come out of Houdini. Using short cuts or dragging and dropping into the user file doesn’t work either.
    Any thoughts?
    many thanks!!

    • Try this –

      Firstly, I think there is an option in Houdini to make a folder visible. I don’t have a Mac so can’t test it. But if you search Google or just see options within Houdini you should be able to make .active-content-data folder visible. Please only make that folder visible and not any of the files or other folders.

      Now, make sure the check mark next to your folder is checked and click the “Show ” button. This time it should be made visible. Houdini does not prompt for a ..

      Houdini User’s Guide

      This in particular might help:

      What should I do if the program says that one of my folders is hidden or visible, but it’s not?

      This can happen sometimes if windows experiences an error while you attempt to hide/show a folder. Just right-click the entry that you are having trouble with and you will be given the option to toggle the status of that between Hidden and Visible.

      Just toggle the status, and try again.

      For example: you have a hidden folder that you attempt to make visible, and the program says it is “Visible” but it doesn’t show up in windows explorer. Right-click the problem entery and select “Change to ‘Hidden’ status (if an error occurred and this folder is not really visible)”.

      The entry will be switched to “Hidden” status. Now, make sure the check mark next to your folder is checked and click the “Show” button. This time it should be made visible properly.


  39. ps. I am on Mac Os X 10.6.7 Macbook Air. I just read an earlier comment by James of the Lake for whom this worked, but can’t figure out where i’m going wrong. It’s not just the Kindle folder though, I can’t seem to paste any file into a hidden folder… thanks.

    • I’ve sent you an email with more things to try. You should be able to make the folder visible using Houdini.
      You also have to make sure the files are in plain text format.

      Could you try to save your MAC notes as plain text format ->

      * Save in TextEdit as .txt in Leopard
      * In the menubar, “Format>Make Plain Text”. Or shift+command+t.

      If the notes open now then the problem was that the notes weren’t in plain text format.


      When you write:

      I copy my txt. file from my Desktop but when I view the User folder in Houdini, my right click doesn’t come up. I have to switch to Finder, but then I cannot see the User folder as I’ve come out of Houdini. Using short cuts or dragging and dropping into the user file doesn’t work either.


      Q1: Are you able to copy text files from your Mac to user folder and see them in Houdini?

      Q2: To do the drag and drop etc. it’d be best to make the folder visible via Houdini. Have you tried just doing a drag and drop or is it that Copy-Paste is what you were trying?

      I think you just have to make that folder visible using Houdini and then open it in Finder.

  40. It would be helpful if the videos were not done by someone from India. I can’t understand them!

    Can’t figure out how to add or edit an already-saved note.

    • I sent you an email – On the All Notes page you just click on any note to go to the Edit Page.

      If you can’t understand my accent read the Help file. There’s no one else to do videos.

    • I’m having the same problem…cannot understand.

  41. First, let me say that Sheila’s note is ridiculous. You are very understandable. Can you tell me how to delete things within a note? I use this for a Shopping List, among other things, and the only way I know to delete is to hit the delete button over and over again, which is time-consuming. Is there an easier way? Many thanks.

    • Susan, that is the only way at the moment.

      There is a new update submitted (submitted in April) that has Quick Delete – press and hold Delete down and it deletes quickly (4-5 deletes per second).

      We are also working on a newer update that will have select + delete for deleting larger sections in one go. Not sure when that newer update will be done + given that first update still isn’t out – no idea when it will be approved.

  42. Thanks very much. Even the rapid delete by holding down the delete button would be very helpful.

    Thanks again.

  43. Is there any chance you could add a “lock page” function? I would like to keep some private info on the Kindle but secure it with a password so that if the Kindle is lost I am protected. I’m very please with Kindle Notepad. Thanks for all the effort that must have gone into developing it!

  44. Very useful and functional app for my Kindle. Kudos to you! A password for the entire app would make it a five star app in my opinion!

  45. I cannot open my notepad app. When I press the toggle botton when Notepad is underlined, it just goes back to the home page. Can I re load or redownload?

    • I emailed you a reply a few days ago. You can just restart your Kindle and that should fix it. If not, then make a backup of your Notes on your PC, then delete Notepad and redownload it and copy back your notes. It should work fine.

  46. When I am reading a book on my Kindle, there are sometimes whole sections I would like to transfer to My Notes. I have not been able to figure out how to do this.

    On the “Save Note” section connected to KIndle books it does not save as much as I want, only a few lines which is frustrating.

    Is there a way to copy and paste items I want to save and possibly research from a book I am reading? Thanx

    • Patty the Notepad app does not work inside Kindle books. No Kindle App has rights to work in the background or inside of books.

  47. I have a new Kindle Touch. Will you be updating Notepad for the Touch? I really use it alot. Thanks.

  48. I have a question that isn’t of greatest import but it just annoys me a bit that my notes have wierd times attached. Is there any reason why my notes aren’t on the same time zone as me or is there a way to change my clock on the Kindle? I would think that the kindle would pick up my zone from my Amazon account. I don’t know if this is a kindle issue or a notes issue.

    • Margaret – which type of Kindle do you own? That can make the difference in the time shown. On Kindle 2nd generation – the time synchs to the time zone set on your Kindle. On newer Kindles, you can actually set the displayed time on the Kindle through Settings.

  49. Hello, I´ve been searching for days for an e reader with e ink and with the possibility to write large notes and later transfer them to pc into a Word format. I would like to use this for my university where I have to take many notes. I would really like the kindle keyboard, but as far as I understand I can only make a note no larger than some 3099 charachters, or I can make various notes of 3099 characters? Olso, I would like to know the real speed typing, as I have to type fast and I would not like to wait until the letters apper on the screen. Moreover, I never tried such a keyboard, so, can I type as fast as I would type on a real PC keyboard? Thanks!

    • Eveleen, you can make as many notes as you like but each note itself cannot be longer than 3,100 characters.

      Typing speed is decent but nothing like a laptop.

      There’s no way this would work for university classes. The typing just isn’t that fast.

  50. Hi, does Kindle 3 keyboard has Spanish, German, English and Italian dictionaries included or I have to buy or download them? Thanks

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