Kindle Notepad App Uses, Tips

Kindle Notepad is available for $1. It now has 39 reviews with 34 5-star reviews.

People are coming up with lots of interesting ways to use the Notepad App so thought it would be worth sharing them. This post also lists some help tips.

Ways to use the Kindle Notepad App

Here are different ways that Kindle owners are using the Kindle Notepad app –

  1. For Notes.
  2. For jotting down ideas.
  3. For keeping reminders.
  4. For listing down birthdays.
  5. For listing down appointments like Doctor appointments.
  6. For ToDo Lists
  7. Grocery Lists and Shopping Lists.
  8. Lists of phone numbers.
  9. Writing down book reviews.
  10. Writing down lists of the books in a series.
  11. Writing down lists of Books You Want to Read, Samples you found interesting, Books to Buy.
  12. Listing down your Favorite Kindle Tips. Ex: Alt+G = refresh the screen and remove ghosting.
  13. As a Diary or Journal.
  14. As a Dream Journal.
  15. Keep a list of tests taken, allergies, and doctor appointments. Courtesy Marcy –

    When the dr. says “when did you have this test or that test, we never know for sure. Put all the information in notepad along with drug allergies etc. Takes just a few minutes, is editable, and saves guessing.

  16. To add a note named – (apostrophe) If found, return here – and adding in their contact information. Another helpful tip is to name your Kindle using your email address and phone number. Example: 324-543-3234 Thanks to J. Siedel for this tip –

    My very first note is entitled ” ‘If found, look here ” and has my name, phone and email address.

    FYI, there is an apostrophe at the front of my ‘If found note so that it always sorts to the top when I alphabetize my notes.

If you have found some interesting new way to use Notepad please do let us know.

Recent Additions to Kindle Notepad Help

We now have Kindle compatible versions of the Help Files. We also have one giant help file that is a compilation of all the other Kindle Notepad Help files:

  1. All Notepad Help Files in 1 File – Notepad All-in-One Help (Mobi Kindle format).
  2. Kindle Notepad Main Help – Kindle Notepad Main Help (Kindle format).
  3. Kindle Notepad Q&A – Kindle Notepad Q&A (Kindle format).
  4. Kindle Notepad App Backup & Restore – Kindle Notepad Backup & Restore (Kindle format).
  5. Transferring Notes – Kindle Notepad Transferring Notes (Kindle format).

Transferring Files Detailed Help

There is now a post on Transferring Files from Kindle Notepad to PC and vica versa.

Users also found one handy trick – Create a shortcut to the folder in which your notes are kept.

Shortcut to Kindle Notepad Notes Folder on PC

This is the folder you have to go to when your Kindle is plugged in: Kindle > .active-content-data > 8a5982e82ae68fb2012bc688405e0026 > work > user .

When you are in the work folder, just right-click on the User folder and choose – Create Shortcut.

Name it something like Notepad Files and then save it to your desktop. Then, instead of searching for the correct folder every time your Kindle is plugged in, you can go directly to your notes by clicking the shortcut.

Please Note: If you have lots of USB devices the drive the Kindle is listed as might get changed and then the shortcut will stop working.

Shortcut on Mac

Again we have notes in this folder: Kindle > .active-content-data > 8a5982e82ae68fb2012bc688405e0026 > work > user .

This post on Creating Shortcuts to Folders in Mac explains how to create a shortcut.

How to Delete a Note

To delete a note, do the following:

  1. In Kindle Notepad press Menu key to bring up the Menu.
  2. In the Kindle Notepad Menu choose All Notes to go to the All Notes page.
  3. Move the cursor to the note you want to delete.
  4. Press the DEL key on your Kindle keyboard.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, which asks you if you are sure you want to delete the note, select OK.

Please Note that deleted notes cannot be recovered unless you have done a backup or have saved them on your PC.

How to Type Capitals

Note: In V1.1 or V1.2 we will change this to match what the Kindle does. We missed this as we were used to pressing Alt+alphabets at the same time.

To get a capital – Press and Hold down Shift key (up arrow). Then press an alphabet (a) to get A (capitals).

On the Kindle you can first press Shift and then let go and then press a and you will still get A. At the moment Notepad does not support this persistent Shift. We will add it in V1.1 or V1.2.

Please Note: We have no ETA and have not yet started on this fix but will let you know when the update with this fix is done and available.

The Save Confirmation Dialog disappears automatically

Just a quick note: When you save a note there is a small message saying – Your Note has been Saved – that appears. It is not necessary to click OK – the message goes away within a second. If this message is bothering you let us know and we will see if we can do another type of notification.

Let us know if you find bugs or have feature requests

We are currently compiling requests and bugs and figuring out what to add in V1.1.

If there is a bug that is bothering you, or a feature you would like, please leave a comment or email us at so that we can explore your request and figure out whether it can fit into V1.1.

Finally, Thank You for taking us to #15

Notepad now has 34 5-star reviews, which we treasure, and is at #15 in the Kindle Store. Thank you very much for your support.

31 Responses

  1. Why, O why, is yet another application for the Kindle NOT AVAILABLE TO AUSTRALIAN OWNERS???

    I went to purchase and once again I get the message “Currently not available” (which, we’ve come to understand, really means ‘not available to your country’). Can someone please explain why Australian customers treated with such contempt, and why we should not just get an iPad instead??

    I checked with family in Los Angles and they downloaded it this morning no problem. An hour later I tried to do the same and still got the “currently not available” message. This stinks. And we’re not happy downunder!!

    • Milton, Kindle Apps are only available in the US because the App Store has not been expanded worldwide. Its only end January (Jan 31) when the first few international app developers got their apps out – so Amazon is moving to international and it has taken the first step by accepting international kindle app developers.

      Hopefully, at some point this year Kindle Apps will be available internationally. There are lots of things to figure out like data charges and laws etc.

      • Kaizenboy – your reason for non-availability of apps outside the US doesn’t hold a lot of water, frankly. We use Amazon all the tinme to purchase books and other goods and services, so why are “apps” not included? The issue is that the store is already expanded to distribite product worldwide – what’s the real issue? Non-US customers continue to be given a raw deal by Amazon – and it is being notice here in Aus big time!

      • Its not in my hands.
        Why would I not take money from people offering to buy my apps.

        Apps are not sold anywhere out side of the US. Amazon plans to start selling them outside of the US. That is all I know.

      • @Milton, What @kaizenboy says is correct. The restriction is entirely in Amazon’s hands and it’s weird that they don’t make this clear. They’ve also never explained why this is the case. When Amazon opens up active content internationally, every app should be available worldwide.

      • Here’s hoping it’s soon… I could use this app in the UK!

  2. […] you need tips on making your Notepad experience more fruiful for you, check out this helpful post: Kindle Notepad App Uses, Tips that lays it out […]

  3. I wonder what this is all about. Kindle is a book reader and I guess the developers are exploiting people to market these stuff which is going to be an impulse buy. We have blackberry, ipod touch, pc where we do work and this is where we keep info for reference. What is the point in using Kindle for applications other than reading? We will end up playing games and keeping notes, not reading?

    • You are amazingly perceptive.

      We are selling an app that took us months to make for $1 so we can exploit people.
      It’s the only Notepad App available (actual app, not rough hack) and we are totally exploiting that by selling for $1.
      We are exploiting it even further by working on a free update.

      Your assumptions:

      1) Everyone has a smartphone.

      2) People would rather writes notes on their PC and carry that around with them than their Kindle.

      3) If someone gets a spur of the moment idea they would rather forget it than quickly note it down in their Kindle.

      4) People don’t want their Kindle to be an eReader with the option to be an eWriter.


      I think you’re way off the mark here. It’s a win-win situation. Lots of Kindle owners want the added convenience of a notepad on their Kindle. It’s optional. I just don’t like your use of words like ‘exploiting’ and ‘impulse buy’ and your insinuation that the Kindle should only be used for reading, and not for what people want to use it for. If a Kindle owner wants to use the Kindle for both reading and keeping notes, then it’s her choice.

      Neither you nor me have any right to tell people how to use their Kindles.

  4. I can’t move down in the notepad. I am trying to do an address/phone book but all I can get is the title and can not get down into the body of the note. Nothing happens when I use the 5 way pad. I don’t know what else to try that I haven’t.

    • Margaret.

      I’m assuming you mean – After typing the title of the first address in the body of the note (on the first line), you cannot move down.
      You can press the Enter key to move to the next line.
      Enter key is the button that has an arrow that looks a bit like: <-| .
      It's between the 5-way and the SYM key.

      Please let me know if that doesn't solve the problem.

  5. I’m also disappointed by the fact that it’s not available in Spain. Let’s hope for the best. I contacted Amazon support and answered very promptly, but saying more or less, “no way, mate”. As I said, let’s keep waiting

  6. suggestion/request:

    give back the full range of symbols … there is no ? for instance.

    rethink your alt key scheme … thoroughly. problems…
    1. alt f is skip to next music track … I would have reserved f for find were I a kindle programmer.
    2. cut copy paste will be begged for and are well known windows ctl shortcuts … strongly recommend NOT using xcv for any different purpose.
    3. changing a word can help find a better letter association … search vs. find … rename vs. retitle. I would suggest duplicating known shortcut associations as far as possible such as a for save as unless there is a conflict. If established associations are different for mac users I suggest 2 versions.
    4. note that the alt key like the shift key on the Kindle has a brief persist and does not need to be held down simultaneously … I use it a lot for numbers. I really wish frequently the Kindle folks had enabled alt shift for very common symbols such as ,?:;!@$&'()- perhqps you can

    • Thanks for the suggestions.

      ? is there in SYM. It is not available in title. It’s available in body.

      1. Alt+F – We are probably not going to change that. Search bar is on the page itself. Why would you want a shortcut for it?
      2. Cut Copy Paste are not going to be there in next few updates. We can’t figure out a way to do it in an easy and simple way. Not sure when it’ll get added.
      3. Alt+A for Save As is a good suggestion.
      4. Could you explain further what you mean by using Alt+Shift for common symbols.

      Your main questions seem to be around shortcuts. We aren’t going to change shortcuts as users are used to them by now. We might change Alt+V to Alt+A if we ever add copy paste.

  7. ps I forgot to say thank you extremely for making this excellent app!

  8. i’m trying to access my notes on my mac, but i don’t seem to have an “active content data” folder on my kindle. i have: audible (empty), documents, music (empty) and system. i’ve looked through all the folders and don’t see an active content data folder.

    any suggestions or help would be great.

    • here you go –

      1) For Mac

      Please keep in mind that the .active-content-data folder is considered a hidden folder on Mac and won’t show up until you use a piece of software like Houdini. After that, the other steps are identical to the ones above.

      When you get the Kindle to show up on the Mac, the .active-content-data folder doesn’t show. This is because on Mac it’s considered a hidden file. So you have to use a workaround to see that folder –

      After that, it’s easy because it’s not just like written above.

      Please let me know if you need further help with Mac. The key part that’s different is using Houdini (or some other method) to reveal the hidden folder ‘.active-content-date’.

      2) You are looking for this folder: Kindle > .active-content-data > 8a5982e82ae68fb2012bc688405e0026 > work > user.

      Your Kindle will probably show up as D: or F: on your Computer.

      3) Shortcut on Mac

      Again we have notes in this folder: Kindle > .active-content-data > 8a5982e82ae68fb2012bc688405e0026 > work > user .

      This post on Creating Shortcuts to Folders in Mac explains how to create a shortcut.

      4) full posts – Kindle Notepad App File Transfers

      and Kindle Notepad App Uses, Tips

  9. Not available internationally? AARGGGHH… Days before my order of Kindle 3 arrived here in the Philippines, I was excited at the thought of having this particular Notepad. The minute I got the kindle, I tried to purchase this app but was informed that it was “not currently available.” But other similar apps were offered. Maybe amazon is trying to give the other notepad apps a chance… *sigh*

    • There are Kindle Apps that fall under ‘Active Content’ category and are actual software apps. These are not available internationally yet.

      There are books that are small modifications of books to try and work as apps. These are available.

      We’re hoping that Kindle Apps are extended worldwide soon too. Hopefully, it happens in the near future.

  10. To get stuff internationally, change your country to USA in manage your kindle, download the app, wait until it’s delivered, change your country back to Australia, EASY!

  11. I really like your Notepad app, but one suggestion that I have is to change the way the shift key functions. If I want to type a capital D, for instance, I can’t just hit the shift key with my left thumb, and then hit the “D” key, I have to hold down the shift key with my left thumb, and then press the “D” key with a right thumb or finger–very awkward. When typing in a regular Kindle text box, the shift key does not need to be held down while typing a letter in order to capitalize it. I hope you will change this in an update.

    I notice that in Notepad, the alt key already has this behavior –you can hit the alt key, then the top row for a number, no need for simultaneous button presses there, just would like to see the shift key work the same way. Thanks!

    • Joe, this is already in the submitted update. As soon as that is available (after approval from Amazon) I’ll add an update on this blog.

  12. Is this an ap I need to download, or do I just use it?

    • Sandra, I don’t understand your question.

      Notepad is an app that’s made by us, 7 Dragons, and sold for the Kindle at Amazon. It’s $1. Once you buy it -> it gets downloaded to your Kindle automatically and you can start using it.

      If you meant to ask where it comes bundled with the Kindle – it doesn’t. You have to buy it.

  13. I understand. But where is the app so that I may download it?

  14. I enter numbers often and the ALT key is at awkward position. Is it possible to have an alternative ALT key at right side of the keypad so I can press and hold it and then key in all the numbers?

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