Kindle Converter App Help

Kindle Converter is now out. It’s just $1 and available at Amazon. This post covers documents, links, and resources to help you get the most out of Kindle Converter.

Kindle Converter – Help Videos

Please check the Kindle Converter Help Videos page for clear, short videos on how to use Kindle Converter. Topics covered include using the app, using shortcuts, and a close-up explanation of the main Converter page.

Update: If that page doesn’t work for you, please try these –

Kindle Converter Close-Up – Best to start here.

Kindle Converter App Shortcuts.

Kindle Converter – Help Documents

For Kindle – Kindle format is best. PDF will work but isn’t ideal.

For PC – PDF and Word formats are best.

Kindle Converter Help documents include –

  1. All Kindle Converter Help Files in a single file – Kindle Converter All-in-One Help (Kindle Format), Kindle Converter – Full Help (PDF), and Kindle Converter – Full Help (Word).
  2. How to Use Kindle Converter – Kindle Converter (How to Use It, Kindle Format), Using Kindle Converter (PDF), and Using Kindle Converter (Word Format).
  3. Kindle Converter Conversion Types & Conversion Units List – Kindle Converter Units & Measurement Types (Kindle Format), Kindle Converter Units (PDF), and Kindle Converter Units (Word Format).
  4. Kindle Converter Q&A – Converter Q&A (Kindle Format), Converter Kindle FAQ (PDF), and Converter Kindle FAQ (Word Format).

If you have further questions (or suggestions) please get in touch via a comment or via email (booksummit at ymail dot com). Contacts information is also present in the Help section of the Kindle Converter App.

Kindle Converter Help

What Kindle Converter Is

A simple Converter for Kindle Owners. Fast, quick, easy to use. Shortcuts so you can use the keyboard and never have to leave the main page. You can even use it without using the 5 Way.

What Kindle Converter Isn’t

A scientific converter. Flashy. Meant for anyone other than Kindle owners.

Starting off with Kindle Converter

The first Kindle Converter Video on the Kindle Converter Video Help page is the ideal starting point. Even better – read the How to Use Kindle Converter Help document (links above).

When you start Kindle converter, you arrive at the main page. It’s a good idea to press Menu and choose Help and read through the 4 short pages. In particular, the list of shortcuts is a lifesaver. The shortcuts let you do everything on the main Kindle Converter page itself.

Changing Font Size

Kindle Converter comes with Two Font Sizes. You can change the font size by either pressing the ‘F’ key or by pressing Menu and clicking ‘Toggle Font Size’.

Important Shortcuts

  1. Change Conversion Type – A or J key. A key moves you ahead. J key moves you back.
  2. Change Unit you Convert From – S or K key. S key moves you ahead. J key moves you back.
  3. Change Unit you Convert To – D or L key. D key moves you ahead. L key moves you back.
  4. Number Keys – Q is 1, W is 2, E is 3, and so forth. There is a number legend at the bottom of the main Converter Page that shows these shortcuts.
  5. You can use SYM to get numbers. However, SYM will only work when focus is on Quantity Field.
  6. You can type using Q/W/E etc. when focus is anywhere.
  7. You do not have to press Enter or any button. Around a second after entering a number in the Quantity Field the value will be automatically updated.
  8. You can press Space Bar to clear the Quantity Field.
  9. You can press the B key to switch the From and To fields.

By using shortcuts you can stay on the main page and still use the Kindle Converter fully.

How Accurate is Kindle Converter?

Kindle Converter uses same conversion factors as Google Converter. The only exception is Time where we use:

1 Month = 30 Days
1 Week = 7 Days
1 Month = 30/7 Weeks
1 Year = 365 Days
1 Year = 12 Months

Since the app uses floating point arithmetic there might be some extreme cases where you see very small discrepancies in the last or second last digit after the decimal (or in the last digit of a very long number). Please let us know if you find anything though we have used Big Decimals and Rounding to avoid most common edge case bugs.

In 99%+ of cases it should work fine. Every single conversion is checked against Google (except Time where we use different conversions factors).

More Coming Soon

We’ll be looking at user comments and reviews and updating this post and the other posts to make sure we answer questions. The Kindle Converter Help pages within the app have our email address – Please feel free to send us any questions. You could also leave a comment on this post.

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