Kindle Converter Video

Kindle Converter is now available for $1 at Amazon.

This page has several Kindle Converter Videos that let you see what the Converter app is like and make the most of it. For Help and downloadable Help Documents please visit the Kindle Converter Help page.

If this page doesn’t load fully, try these links at Vimeo (the same videos) –

  1. Kindle Converter Close-Up – Best to start here.
  2. Kindle Converter App Shortcuts.
  3. Converter Intro Video. This video is shaky so you might want to skip it if you’re particular about that sort of stuff.
  4. Quick Overview of Main Converter Page.
  5. Overview of All Converter Pages.

Well, let’s look at the videos (After the jump).

Kindle Converter Close-Up Video

This is a good video to get an idea of what the Converter Apps is and how it works.

Another Kindle Converter Introduction Video

This is a decent video if you want to look at Kindle Converter from a slightly different perspective.

Next, let’s look at an important video – Kindle Converter Shortcuts.

Kindle Converter Shortcuts Video

Shortcuts are your friend and will help you make the most of Kindle Converter.

All the shortcuts are listed on the first Help page. You can reach it by pressing Menu and then choosing ‘Help’.

More Kindle Converter Videos

The next two videos are not necessary if you already have a good feel of the app.

First, a quick look at the main page.

Next, a quick look at all the pages.

Hopefully the videos gave you a good idea of what Kindle Converter is like. Please let us know if you have questions or comments.

6 Responses

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  2. The converter app looks like it works quite smoothly. Also would be helpful for cooks when recipes use grams instead of ounces or cups. Thanks

    • Linda, that’s one of the reasons we put in cups and volume measurements – to help Kindle owners with cooking.

  3. […] check the Kindle Converter Help Videos page for clear, short videos on how to use Kindle Converter. Topics covered include using the app, […]

  4. Can you tell me how to input a negative celsius temperature to convert to a fahrenheit temp? Cannot figure out how to input a negative or minus in the temperature From field.

    • Frederick – just realized that we missed that. We’ll have to add it in a future upgrade. Since we don’t have negatives in any other units negative temperatures weren’t added and neither were they tested for. Thanks for reporting this.

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