Kindle Address Book Videos, Photos

Kindle Address Book is available in Kindle Store for just $1.

You get – Groups, Import & Export to Google & Yahoo & Outlook & more, Search, Last Name Flipbook, Fast Typing Speed, Lots of Shortcuts and Usability Enhancements, Backup & Restore, 6 Font Sizes.

This post has a couple of videos and lots of screenshots to give you an idea of the app. Please note that these videos are very poor in quality due to evening lighting – better ones will be put up within 24 hours.

Kindle Address Book Help Files

If the Videos don’t answer your questions or aren’t clear enough, please try these instead –

  1. Kindle Address Book Help (All in One) – Kindle Address Book App – Full Help (PDF Format)Kindle Address Book Full Help (Word Format), and Kindle Contacts & Address Book App Full Help (Kindle Format).
  2. Main Kindle Address Book Help – Address Book Kindle Main Help (PDF Format)Address Book Kindle Help (Word Format), and Kindle Address Book & Contacts Help (Kindle Format).
  3. Import and Export contacts to Kindle Address Book – Import and Export Contacts to Kindle Address Book App (PDF Format)Import and Export Contacts to Kindle Address Book (Word Format), and Kindle Address Book Import & Export Help (Kindle Format).
  4. Backup & Restore Contacts – Backup & Restore Contacts (Kindle Address Book App – PDF Format)Backup & Restore Contacts in Kindle Address Book, and Kindle Address Book Backup Help (Kindle Format).
  5. Kindle Address Book Questions & Answers – Kindle Address Book Q&A (PDF Format)Kindle Address Book Q&A (Word Format), and Kindle Address Book FAQ (Kindle Format).

Now, on to the Kindle Address Book Videos.

Kindle Address Book Videos

Please Note: If you don’t like the quality/aesthetics/sound/lighting/dress sense of the videos please download one or more of the help files listed above.

Please Also Note: It might take a minute or two for videos to load up.

Finally: To view Videos in HD – click the little HD button at the top right of each video.

Kindle Address Book videos covering the core features

Main Page of the Kindle Address Book App –

Moving Around Kindle Address Book –

Introduction to Adding Contacts –

The View Contact Details Page –

The Edit Contacts Page –

Search Feature –

Backup Feature –

Sort Options –  

Flipbook Feature –

Kindle Address Book Videos covering Other Areas

These are very rough so please be patient.

Add Contact Page –

Walking through the Various Features –

Exporting Contacts –

Looking at Help Pages (Not needed if you have read in-app Help Pages)-

That brings us to some screenshots so we can go over the features.

Kindle Address Book Screenshots

Let’s start with the main Kindle Address Book Page –

Please Note: These screenshots show Kindle Address Book app with anti-aliased font turned off. You can turn on anti-aliasing and it smooths out fonts and they look much better.

Main Page for Kindle Address Book

This is what Kindle Address Book Main Page looks like

At the top left is a ‘New Contact’ button. You can move the cursor to that button using the 5-way. Then you can press down on the 5-way to go to the Add New Contact Page and add a new contact.

At the top right is the Favorites button. You can move the cursor to that button and then press down on the 5-way to get a list of only your favorite contacts.

There is a search field below these two buttons. After that is a list of all your Contacts. Below the list of Contacts is an indicator of what page your are on.

You can press the Aa key on this page (or on most other pages) to – change the font size, turn on anti-aliasing on newer Kindles, to go to full-screen mode, etc.

Next, let’s look at the Flipbook (you can go to it by pressing Menu on the Home Page and then choosing Last Name Flipbook) –

Kindle Address Book Flipbook

Flipbook to find all Contacts whose Last Name starts with S

The Last Name Flipbook lets you view all Contacts whose last names start with a particular letter on one page. There is also a First Name Flipbook.

After that, we have the Add New Contact Page –

New Contact Page in Kindle Address Book

Kindle Address Book New Contact Page

On this page you can add a New Contact. At the top you have the First Name and Last Name. After that you get Groups, Phone Number, and Email.

You can click on Groups to choose which groups this user belongs to. You can choose one, none, or more groups.

You can click on the Add Field button to add one of – Address (Work or Home), Phone (Work, Cell, Home, or Fax), Birthday, Job Role, Organization, Facebook, Twitter, Website, and other fields.

There are lots of useful shortcuts – Alt+S for Save, Alt+X for Save & Exit, Alt+C for Cancel, Alt+DEL for Delete, and Alt+F for Add Field Picker.

The Edit contact page is identical to this page except it also has a Delete button (Alt+DEL) that allows you to delete an existing Contact.

We will go into more pages tomorrow – probably via Video as its clearer to explain. Please let us know if you have any questions – via a comment on this post or via an email to

You can find Kindle Address Book at Amazon for $1.

15 Responses

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  4. Hi,
    It seems to be a wonderfull addition to the Kindle. Only trouble is, I can’t buy it as I am outside of the USA.
    So my question is, how can I get hold of the address book app outside of Amazon, or how do I get Amazon to allow me to get it?

    • Lykle, when Amazon makes the app store global then we’ll definitely make all our apps available everywhere.

      For now, what some users do is set their home country to US and buy the app. Not sure of all the ramifications of that.

  5. I bought the 7 Dragons address book (as well as Calendar and Notepad) but when trying to import a vcf file to the address book and trying to follow instructions, I do not find the active-content-data folder. I followed all instructions up to there but without that folder, I can’t do anything else. Any ideas?

    • Cynthia, have sent you an email.

      For Mac users, the .active-content-data folder does not show up. you have to use a software like Houdini to show this folder.

  6. I bought the Notepad, Calendar, and the Address Book. The one thing that I want to know is, how do I set the clock?

    • Dave,

      On newer Kindles you can set the clock in the Settings page Menu/Settings/Device Time. On the Kindle 2 you can set the clock by turning on the wireless and using Sync & Check for Items (it automatically sets the time).

  7. When will all your Apps be available for Kindle Touch?

  8. The Kindle Keyboard is very small and difficult to use for large amounts of data entry. Is there a way to complete the data entry on my PC and then import it to the Kindle address book?

    • Walter – you can import from another email program – so if you enter data into one of those, you would then export the contacts you want and import them into Address Book.

      • Another e-mail program? I wasn’t aware we were discussing e-mail programs. OK, so I can use an e-mail program, how do I accomplish this, e-mail the data to my Kindle? Do I list the date in an e-mail or in an attachment to the e-mail. How exactly do I accomplish this?

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