3 Hidden Objects Adventure HD available for Kindle Fire

We are very proud to announce the release of 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD  by 7 Dragons Inc. This app has been developed for the Kindle Fire 1, Kindle Fire 2, Kindle Fire HD 7″, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″. We are offering this incredible app for the low initial release price of $1.

3HOA Logo

  • Ported over from Nook App Store where it’s rated 4.5 stars on 175 reviews with 100+ 5-star reviews. It was the #1 selling Hidden Objects App there for Christmas and most of January.
  • 158 High Definition Hidden Objects Scenes with 3,280+ hidden objects to find. Really beautiful images. Realistic items that are well hidden.
  • Optimized for each of the 4 Kindle Fires – Kindle Fire 1, Kindle Fire 2, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″. We’ve tested thoroughly on each.
  • Three Stories to enjoy –  After the Apocalypse, Lost at the Zoo, The Secret Forest. Note: You can also choose ‘Scenes Only’ mode if you just want to do the Hidden Objects Scenes.
  • It’s basically 3 Separate Hidden Objects Games in 1. Each with HD scenes and easy usability and an interesting story. You’ll love it.
  • Lots of features to make it easy to use – Zoom (pinch and expand with your fingers), Detailed Help in the App, Infinite Hints (Choose this from Settings).
  • We incorporated some of the improvement requests. So the Kindle Fire version is even better than the 4.5 stars rated, 100 5-star reviews, Nook version.

Also, if you don’t like it you can just email us at booksummit@ymail.com and get a ‘no questions asked’ refund. Please give it a try. Please Note: That’s also the email in case you run into any issues.

Here are some review snippets:

  1. As good or better than any pc hidden object game.
  2. One of the best seek/find games I have ever seen. Awesome graphics. Highly recommend this!
  3. So many options, fun music and great graphics..this is definitely the most fun and challlenging hidden object game I’ve played yet. I would highly recommend purchasing this!
  4. I like this better than all other hidden “stuff” apps I’ve played so far. There is so much to this one and it really gives you hrs of simple entertainment. I just bought it on sale for $1.00!! Best $1.00 I’ve spent on nook games yet! Very happy with this app. Finally…. a hidden objects game that I can’t beat in 5min!
  5. I really liked this game. Graphics are very good. I like that its not too easy. Very well done. Very glad I bought it
  6. Lots of fun. When it says 3 games, it means 3 different games in one. Love it!

What is 3 Hidden Objects Adventures?

3 Hidden Objects Adventures is a Hidden Objects Game with three original and intriguing stories that are each illustrated with images that have various objects hidden in them. The majority of the images have 15 objects hidden in them and we tried to keep the objects realistic to the scene.

We looked long and hard at the Hidden Objects apps available and wanted to make our app special and something that would interest the entire family. We also put a lot of care into selecting and hiding the objects to make the scenes challenging and interesting.

Each Hidden Object Adventure has three playing options. You can select the options (and use various settings) to meet your current playing needs and interests.
1.Scenes and Story – this is the “full treatment” of the Hidden Object Adventure. Immerse yourself in the Hidden Object Adventure and experience the adventure by reading the store and search for the Hidden Objects. We recommend this option for the first time through each adventure to get the full experience.
2.Scenes Only – this option provides Hidden Object scenes only. The adventure story line is left out.
3.Bonus Scenes – each story has between 5-8 bonus scenes. They might be scenes that were cut from the adventure or have different items hiding in them.

Note: To get the full adventure – make sure you read the Backstory in each adventure before diving into the Scenes & Story.

3HOA Main

We hope that you will enjoy the adventures and the Hidden Objects images and play them time and time again. The 5ivedom team has spent literally thousands of hours working on the app, images, stories and design. I have played through these stories countless times myself and still can’t remember where all the objects are and enjoy following the stories and scenes and being drawn into the action. We also hope you enjoy the original music developed by Arjun Kaul. We feel that this music makes each adventure that much more special.

After the Apocalypse

World War III has happened … and it’s worse than anything anyone could have imagined. You head out from Boston Enclave to find your family in Texas. Gather the objects you need to protect yourself and to complete your journey.

After the Apocalypse - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

After the Apocalypse – 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD

In After the Apocalypse you will travel across much of the United States trying to survive against all odds. What will it take to survive? Will you be able to get back with your family?

After the Apocalypse Scene - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

After the Apocalypse Scene – 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

This is just one of the Hidden Object images in After the Apocalypse. Tap on the Nook screen to find each object and use Hint if you get stuck. Objects are listed in the lower left hand corner.

Lost at the Zoo

Adventurous twins get lost at the zoo and their worried father is challenged to find them. A great way to learn more about various zoo animals, insects, reptiles, and rodents as you follow the twins trail to various animal habitats.

Lost at the Zoo - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

Lost at the Zoo – 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

In Lost at the Zoo, a worried father tries to figure out where his twins will go next after he loses track of them at the zoo. This story is particularly good to enjoy with young children as you learn about different animals, birds, rodents, and bugs.

Lost at the Zoo Scene - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

Lost at the Zoo Scene – 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

Having trouble finding those last few tricky items? Zoom in and out with simple actions of spreading your fingers apart or pinching them together. Pause the game if you need to step away. Make sure you check out the How to Play and various Help files with the Menu and ? buttons.

The Secret Forest

Your son disappears and you find a path to a Secret Forest in your atttic. A good witch and fairy assist you as you gather objects that will help you reach your son and survive the Secret Forest.

The Secret Forest - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

The Secret Forest – 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

What weapons, potions and items will it take to find your son in the Secret Forest? What creatures will you meet and defeat along the way?

The Secret Forest Scene - 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

The Secret Forest Scene – 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD for Kindle Fire

Expand the items list with the “+” sign if you need larger font sizes. Go to the Settings screen to changes options including: Music, Game Sounds, Enable Zoom, Extra Hints, Timer On, 5 Item Mode, No Scene Summary Dialog.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them as comments in this blog post or contact us directly at booksummit@ymail.com. We love to hear from our users and your input helps us know what to develop next.

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